I'm in Control

by The Danbees

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This album was funded with the help of so many friends and family. We cannot express how grateful we are for that. If you donate you are beyond awesome but our priority is to have your support, so be a pirate and show your friends.


released February 18, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Pyramid Sound Studios, Ithaca, NY.
Produced by Mike Parker and The Danbees.
Mastered by Alex Perialas
Released and Distributed by we The Danbees.
All Songs Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


The Danbees Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: I'm Just too Young for This
Simple bliss, we skipped the first kiss
She’s Down to rock’s the part that I miss, well
I was glad the show wasn’t over, but
I could tell I’ll never phone her, yea

She had a face, that makes you smile,
A sexy taste to keep you wild, yea
can’t help but think I’m lucky
I had a chance with Lonnie from kentucky

Well I,
Can’t recall the things she said,
But I won’t forget the thoughts she read
The way the music made her body flow,
To the punk rock concert of Chili Peppers down below

Well I,
Won’t ever know,
Cause I’m thinkin bout my girl back home
No, no, no, no
I gotta tell her I’m too young for this

Maybe I’m too young for this,
Maybe I’m too young for this,
Baby I’m too young for this,
Baby I’m too young for this.
Track Name: Kevin's Gonna Get it
I think I need another witness
I could see it from the counter
It only took about an hour
And they were headed for the shower

I just know it’s going down,
Down, down, down,
With her

“how will anyone believe me,
“There was no one there to see me,
“Ya know I get a funny feelin,
“Yea she gives me heebeegeebees”

“I just know it’s goin down,
Down, down, down,
With her.”

Kevin’s gonna get it,
I don’t believe he’s gonna get it
Track Name: Calendar Girl
I’m sorry I’m gonna take a little more of your time
And I don’t even mind
Cause I don’t wanna let you go right now

I don’t surrender, don’t give you all that you like
And I don’t even mind
And so I’m gonna let you go right now

Your all I ever wanted to see
But I’m plagued by apathy
I guess it don’t matter
I won’t call you anymore

I won’t forget
Maybe unlatch the glass
We’ll talk a big game for hours
You’ll lighten up, i’ll tighten up

I’m gonna take control girl
Ya never had the chance to stay
For longer than a calendar girl

I’m gonna take my toll girl
Ya never had a chance to stay
For long cause your a calendar girl

I’m sorry, I’m not gonna find the right words to say
And I don’t even mind
I guess it don’t matter
I don’t care anymore

I’ll get forgotten, and then we’ll all be okay
Just take it all out completely
You’ll lighten up, I’ll tighten up
Track Name: When I'm in Trouble
Early morning
she’s gonna trade me in.
Do ya feel important,
As you rape my sins
of love?

We’ve got to learn
where to go from here
But as we push
The end grows near

Tell me something that I dont know
Tell me anything that I need to know
I wont remind you,
Of the things you said when you were drunk

So Lets drink another bottle
All your friends have left anyway
You first, and ill follow
You anywhere, anywhere

I would do anything at all for a moment or two
When I’m in trouble
When I’m in trouble,
When I’m in trouble,
Or when I’m with you
Track Name: San Francisco Nose
You forget all about it
the wishes in your sleep.
Ya know they’re
flyin round your
San Francisco nose

Well she got a face like a fire
But strikes up a politicians pose
Ya know there’s a fake fuckin liar
In every one I suppose

But she says,
“blame me”
I sit down and try again
Save me
From your sinking ship
Leave me alone girl
I’ve gotta get my sleep

You stay melancholy
as far as I can see. well i’m no
free soul, side freak,
that’s all I’ll ever be

Ya know I
think all about it
It’s astoundin’ to me.
Well I’ll be
your free talent
But not indefinitely
Track Name: Unpredictable
You don’t wanna think about it
The waiting makes you sick without it
Wake me on up, chase an old feeling
Break it on down, and shake me from my feeling

You, your unpredictable
But me, I won’t be around here for that long
Yea you want me handing down my throne
But me I won’t be beside you for that long

There’s been so many nights,
So many dealings
I know something just ain’t right
Something worth leaving
Track Name: Life is Such a Bitch
It won’t be long
Faded out and looking back
Well was I wrong?
Or did I lay the attack

Well I don’t believe in anything forever
Except me
But I think that things are gonna get better
For you

Kill me rock
Kill me roll
You strung me out
But I won’t go

Drink it up
Drink it down
I know you don’t remember that now

But it’s all I can do baby
Please take a look at the time
I said, “hello my darling,
I won’t be that sweet of a guy.”

And I don’t care if your friends
Oh they hate me
I won’t be so different in time
Cause I’m selfish
And I’m angry
And I don’t want you caught in my crime

I got carried away with you
Same story I always do in time
I’ll take the chance you want me to
I’d thank you but I’m really fucking high

Kill me Rock
Kill me roll
You strung me out
but I won’t go

Drink it up
Drink it down
That’s all I can remember right now
Track Name: Satisfied
She walks in uninvited,
Tight jeans, and leather on
She came for all the talk,
Or to fake that she’s so strong

No she can’t get enough,
She can’t get enough of you
Nah she can’t get enough,
Can’t get enough of you

He waits out in the lobby
Tight jeans, and leather on
He’s acting for himself
No he’s lying to himself

Cause he can’t get enough
Can’t get enough of you
No he can’t get enough
Can’t get enough of you
Track Name: Sober
Don’t wait
Don’t worry about it

“you’ll break”
Can’t say that I doubt it

But I’ll always be alone
So I won’t stay here at home
If I don’t leave it
Here on my own
I just don’t see me
Livin the life I want

I’ve got somewhere to be
Somewhere far far away
You call it falsity
So I’m on my own

And it makes me sober
Yea it makes me sober
What happened to me?
Track Name: Faded
I’m fuckin faded, fading out.

I was fried up on the couch
Conflicting theories in my mind
And they’re making out

One had a trace of a withered mind
She’d been conquered by the time
They’re still making out

She said “I won’t ever go there for you,
“cause all you do is waste all of my time.”
I said, “forget all that you’re used to,
“Cause I got kush all in my mind.”

And now I’m faded, fading out.
Track Name: Love is on the Rise
And I told her. Love is on the rise.